Friday, 11 November 2011

Gareth Pugh wants to dance with you- SS12 Review

The latest collection from the criminally covetable Gareth Pugh (SS12) has got me all hot and bothered, for a number of reasons:

1) The Pughmeister has really evolved his design from his first showings- ultra-modern fembot conceptions- to something that retains the otherworldly cool of this original vision whilst also managing to be both flattering and wearable.

Just look at the optical illusiatory lines here. The manage to make a skinny model look voluptuous in a way that is revolutionary and that avoids the classic usage of the fabric drape to create the suggestion of curves.

M.C. Escher is my favourite M.C.

2) The man has really got an original use of detailing down.
I used to wear skirts with this kind of cut when I was 14/15. I thought I was cool, but clearly I know nothing- GP has revolutionized what could be called quite a girly, subcultural design for the discerning haute-couture fashionista :)

3) Without a doubt, Pugh references the most vibrant and interesting subcultural trends, with nods this season to goth, punk, and fetish gear. Again, translating a street trend this extreme into something both commercially viable and highly interesting is no mean feat. This look in particular is something in which I would be proud to promenade down Shoreditch High Street...

This reminds me once again of CyberDog !!

Overall Mr. Pugh rests at the forefront of a blend between cutting edge street style and commercial wearbility that has me wishing I could afford some of his garments. In all cases I can still recreate the look... time to start visiting the batcaves of Parisian goth boutiques to get my fix...

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