Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Alexa Chung young style ambassador?!?

 Veteran Style Personality and Contemporary National Treasure (look how she shines...) Alexa Chung has secured another prestigious accolade to add to her growing collection. Through her new role as Young British Style Ambassador, awarded by the British Style Council, Alexa will support the Council as it continues to promote British fashion design talent to a global market.

This new timetable might not seem like a heavy ask for the Chung, 27. Amongst her more serious requirements the presenter/pro groupie/ex English student & style maven will continue to attend key events of the BFC's annual calendar, like London Fashion Week, the British Fashion Awards, LONDON show ROOMS and other events for Fashion 2012, organised by the BFC to promote fashion and cultural events during the Olympic year.

What does the Chung have to say of these new developments? "I always name London first when asked which city in the world has the best style. There's something so inherently rebellious about how people naturally style themselves. Brits aren't afraid to experiment or take risks with how they look, perhaps that's why London has always been home to the most dynamic and daring designers in the world.”

Yyyeah... since living in Paris I can agree what Chung means, but I'm appreciating more and more the national differences in mentality vis-a-vis style between the two nations (a post on this later). More than ever it seems as if the British style so celebrated by the award of this title is an exception of the Capital's style identity rather than a rule. The majority of Brits don't really care about looking good, they just wanna crack on with their shiz...

This award aims to celebrate those who do bother, however, and in choosing young Alexa as their Style Ambassador the British Fashion Council could not have picked a better choice to support this dynamic ethic.

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