Saturday, 19 November 2011

h&m versace love, round 2

The new collection Versace for H&M, coming into stores the 17th November, was announced by this stunning, cute video which really paid homage to the Versace attitude...

Set inside the crazy house of mad designer Donatella, the clip featured Lion Girls strutting in their cage, a conveyor belt of golden beauties designed to take a playful swipe at the idea of mass production of garments... and most importantly, it did a great job of showcasing the beautiful line of clothing which is now on offer in les magasins H&M around the globe.

These earrings are probably the part of the collection I'd be most likely to search out...for financial reasons as well as their beauty :)

Pumped with internet-based hype, I descended on the H&M in Forum Les Halles to see what was on offer. Cue numerous changing room flirtations with some luscious picks from the new collection...!!!

This bomber was made of a velour-like material and was printed with the classic house of Versace Greek print. It's certainly a statement piece and is cut in a fitted, cropped style. You can play safe with it in black, or go a little more extrovert like the model here in clashing it with other bold prints. I loved it but not my favourite piece. Retail price £129.99.

My "favourite" piece was in fact probably this. A fierce, well cut, interesting little party dress, resplendent with fringe details and a heart print that paid homage to ex-creative director and Versace founder, Monsieur Gianni Versace.

It was a pleasure to wear, really flattering and with a great feeling against the skin. At £149.99 it will remain on my wishlist for now but who knows what the future holds for us both? Surprises could arrive ;)

The third item I swiped to flirt with was the classic, much lauded silver chainmail dress. Whilst it looks very seductive on the hanger, you really do need a belt to suck in the seductive silver curves which appear so nicely in the ad campaign. At £299, the dress is not a far cry from the prices commanded by Versus, Versace's highly successful diffusion line with Christopher Kane.

Overall, I'd recommend you go check out this collection with yout own eyes- there are plenty of piece here that could add some crazy, sexy Italian flair to your wardrobe. Merci, Donatella...

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