Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Theysken's Theory re-shoot for Barneys= A Tale of 4 Cities

It's called a Tale of Four Cities.
London, New York, Paris and LA...
These are four very significant places for Belgian designer and perennial fashion darling Olivier Theyskens andas part of his Spring Summer 2012 Collection monsieur himself was asked by Barneys New York to choose four friends, acquaintances, crushes, one from each of these metropoles, and to design an outfit specifically for them!

The result is this thoughtful and utterly delectable shoot. From fashion industry, Sex-and-the-City-esque PR contacts in New York, to the spirited and unconventional Japanese Parisian artist, I found his selection, and the resulting shoot which reflected it, to be pretty fascinating.

First up, New York... chic fashion blogger Emily Weiss has been cherry picked to star. With her 'smart, driven, positive energy' Theysken has moulded a look based around the contrast between a feminine and fashion forward dress with the masculine blazer, a look which he describes as 'very New York'.

 Emily Weiss

Next, a familiar form on the horizon; Pop's Next Queen Sky Ferriera rounds up the youth market by lending her face to the LA part of the campaign. Miss Ferriera has been awarded a floaty, lace based ensemble to capture her 'bohemian' charm, an LA woman 'like the Doors song'.

I honestly thought she looked so good brunette!

Hello London- Here at This Seasons Daydreams we are very proud of the choice of Caroline Issa to represent the British capital. This smart, savvy and dynamic Mondern Woman's outfit has been created as such: "pairing the classic British tailoring of her pants with the bohemian style of her knit... that’s so reminiscent of the Camden town flea market."

 Smile and wave, you are wearing a custom Theysken's outfit made In Your Honour...

Enfin, and in my opinion the most intriguing of the four, we have Parisian-based artist Yi Zhou. I fucking love the creation that has been styled for her. Theyskens has rightly described it as "straight and strict but with an utterly modern, cool twist". He forgot to include "utterly addictive" in the list.

She has to lie down from all the awesome.

If you wish to get hold of these you may have to wait until they turn up in the planet's chicest thrift-stores...alternatively you could always head over to the website of a luxury retailer such as Barneys and see what results are thrown up from the search string 'Theysken's Theory'. 

Happy hunting, or simply dreaming, if like me your youth far, far surpasses your riches. 

@ least ambition knows no limit;)

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