Thursday, 29 March 2012

profound, new-found, survey on looks...

...according to American Business News website the Grindhouse, attractiveness really can make all the difference at crucial junctures in life.
The following condensed table, which provides a kind of visual study into what this report suggests, claims that at crucial junctures of a lifetime the attractiveness of an individual can really make a difference.

I'm not sure if I think this is all hogwash, and ladies and gentleman you know you can make what you want of your destiny (think of the numbers of short men who become wildly successful; (Sarkozy, Bonaparte) unconventional-looking laydeez who have brilliant impacts of society and culture (Stein, Woolfe, Catherine the Great), and you'll know what  I mean. But just in case you are interested by this kind of study, like I am, the results are displayed here in all their eye-poppingly fluoroescent glory.

Update: Perhaps I will be trying out my own kind of test as part of the make-up section of this theory @ my new work expo... will keep you updated if I decide it ;) 

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