Tuesday, 6 March 2012

sometimes Dior does something right

Despite sacking it's former illustrous director, leaving him to get on with his own eponymous label, Dior has made an interesting and foresighted call in casting cult actress Mila Kunis as the star of it's latest ring of ad campaigns.

 The Black Swan actress reposes in a hotel room with an array of the fashion houses' luxury products to very good effect, which does great things in order to advertise the various handbags and pieces of couture that have been lucky enough to be included in this advert. 

 The Kunis effect is a sure departure from the label's traditional history of casting classic beauties (often French actresses, like Kunis' predecessor Marion Cotillard), and I think it really works- the label is reaching out towards another sexier and more daring demographic of women and this reflects really well for the label itself.

It's one of the first significant signs of the green shoots we've been waiting for since the departure of ex-head of house John Galliano in 2011. 

Another even more significant green type of green shoot could be the bouquet of flowers addressed to a certain Mr Raf Simmons which arrived at the brand's Paris HQ not so long ago.

We hold our breath...

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