Saturday, 10 March 2012

Nicola Formichetti Gets his Freak on for V Magazine

The fashion man of the moment has done it again.

In a shoot unprecedented in it's sheer ambition and raw sexiness, Mario Testino and Nicola Formichetti have teamed up with Adriana Lima and Douzen Kroes for what can only be described as a shit-hot shoot for fashion/society pedigree V Magazine.

The fearsome shoot revolves around the idea of a title fight in which Miss Lima (Brazil) and Ms. Kroes (Hollandia) lock gloves for the title of ...most sexy? most impressive? It's a difficult call, you'd need to find someone as asexual as Andy Warhol to successfully referee. 

 Testino does his thing, pulling classically pleasuring and colour-rich photography into the frame...

What I find most interesting about this shoot however is definitely the styling.

Formichetti has pulled out all the stops to make this spread not purr but roar. Heavy usage of Mugler (as Formichetti is now Creative Consultant with the brand) is complemented by hardcore lingerie (sorry to reference Mean Girls) and some statement jewellery. Overall, even though I'd struggle to wear this kind of thing in the majority of situations, I love it, and I think NF, Mario and V deserve a 10/10 for their faaaabulous work.

Now just the question of who wins...

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