Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Israel take extreme stance on the Issue of Model Health

The land of David has become the first country to actively try and crack down on the usage of unhealthy fashion models to promote clothes and other products within its luxury goods industry.
The government has passed a law saying that models being featured in the public eye MUST have a BMI of at least 18.5, the minimum healthy weight.

This rule will primarily affect Israeli companies such as those who produce publications like fashion magazines or websites, as well as those who create advertising campaigns. 
The models are even required to provide an up-to-date medical certificate to support their right to work for Israeli companies. Photoshopped pages will also have to be clearly marked as distinctly altered.

Whilst this rule won't stop the import of the rest of the world's stick-insect fashion media, it will probably make at least a little difference to the Israelian public image, and as an act of principal it is a bold move on the behalf of the government.

Of course this story calls to mind the attempts of the French government to change fashion body image in 2008... to little effect.

Israeli readers are welcome to keep us updated of the progress fo the law and it's effects :)

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