Saturday, 17 March 2012

Colette Music Box #13

Thursday 15th March... colette treated le grand public to it's latest showcase of musical talent with Music Box #13.
I went along having previously loved Owelle at Carven's fashion week party, and being hungry for more I joined the Warsteiner-swilling throngs in the sous-sol of Colette for some aural pleasure.

The first act whilst I attended my aviary joy came in the form of Exotica (pictured,) a brown-haired, pop-funk duo whose performance was realllly nice, evocative of the Pipettes, bringing some classic mowtown top the floor...

Next!! To my joy Owelle stepped out and rocked the partay with a crowd-pleasing selection of her hits. Her repertoire worked equally well in the smaller and less technically-accomodating space of the colette basement, cementing my impression of her as a capable and professional performer (and oh, that voice...)
Finally some guys known as Lescop got down to it. Most strongly placeable in the New Wave bracket, this three-piece entertained us with their catchy hooks and the singers thrashy dancing.

Overall I love these evenings, as colette always seem to bring something new... and spying a certain Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld being videoed as we left the shop rounded off the event very well :) a plus.

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