Wednesday, 19 October 2011

teatum jones is lovely

A few of you may have heard of the designer duo Teatum Jones, who with their exquisitely feminine and covetably accessible garments are making big waves all across the fashion pond. I had the occasion to chat with them in more detail about their design history and ambitions during their exhibition at London Fashion Week, the details of which I'll share with you here... 

Teatum Jones made their acquaintance through a mutual adminartion for escapism. This idea underpins their work, and their new collection, Sometimes it Snows In April, pays homage to this complex dynamism through the idea of an opposition between apparent harmony and inherent disatisfaction. The sugary colours and seemingly effortless fluid lines of the collection attach to this idea, with it's disparity between reality and what seems to be apparent.

This strong concept, in tandem with the energy brough to the brand by its two creators, means that the company has gone from strength to strength in a very short time. Indeed this is only the duo's second full collection.

"We are fascinated by human behaviour and exchanges and find ourselves compelled to seek out beauty and refinement in what is ordinarily considered sinister or dark.” Such a catching idea is sure to keep many fashion fans coming back for more and more each season.

Chacun a son goût...

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