Saturday, 24 September 2011

Meet PaperSelf

PaperSelf, designed by London-based papermeister ChunWei Liao, was one of the unexpected surprises of London Fashion Week.

Hiding in the basement section of the exhibitors space, the dedicated team of five spent the entirity of London Fashion Week applying their funky eyelashes to person after person- and they literally kept on coming!

Superhuman dedication aside, it might be time to take a closer look at the reason why their stall was so popular...

The concept behind PaperSelf comes in the form of beautiful,affordable fake eyelashes for all.

The main collection is inspired by a chinese symbols, both physical and abstract, each of which represent something both traditional and beautiful.

These two are known as 'Peonies' and 'Small Peacock'.

The designs are created by being lazer cut. In this way the dainty designs of Liao can be instantly captured in a sustainable and easy-to-wear format.

The packaging in which they appear is also completely gorgeous:

Like music? Another recent collaboration between PaperSelf has come with the Broken Hearts, a London-based DJ duo whose output has been dubbed 'Under the Sea'.

Retailing for around £10.50 for the small designs, and £12.50 for the bigger offerings, these are an affordable and chic way to make a fashion statement. The best thing of all, they feel so light it is hardly as if they're being worn:) A beautiful advantage :)

(Images courtesy of Paperself).

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