Friday, 12 August 2011

field day 2011

This past weekend four of us mooched down to Field Day Festival, London, for an array of artistic offerings including tantalising music from a wide spectrum of genres and -of course- a whole load of fantastic fashion forays.  

Our very own little American Indian on the way to the train station

You Will Love Snickers

We started snapping promising slash exciting outfits before we even got into the venue. The fashion forward were out IN FORCE, with detailed accessories such as tights adding a seemingly effortless yet intricate vibe to a lot of outfits.

Once inside, there was colour, there were crowds, and we loved it.

The best cardigan I ever done seen. I chased her -surreptitiously- but obsessively for 10 minutes to get a half-decent shot (she was damn fast!)

Jamie Woon's triumphant set.

Amongst the pleasantry on display came a really strong set of bands, playing across a range of stages. Jamie Woon proved his vocal talents as a strong live performer who really serenaded his audience with songs from his album like Night Air. He finished with Lady Luck, surprising as in my opinion he would've blown the audience away with a live rendition of Spirits. 

We also watched James Blake perform on the same stage. He also proved to be a surprisingly versatile live performer, effortlessly translating his technically innovative and clean-sounding songs from the studio to the venue. Gems amongst his set included CYMK, and his beautiful inclusion of the haunting Limit to Your Love had every audience member singing along with him.

Also on offer were the Horrors, who provided their fans with a performance ruled almost exclusively by their new material. The controversial swap of instruments between Rhys Webb (from keys to bass) and Tom Cowan (relegated from bass to the synths) really made itself evident in the slight lack of power in the basslines throughout the set. It seems that Skying, the Horrors' latest offering, failed to make quite the live impact of 2007's Strange House, a record which spoke deeply of an exciting and electric group of talents. Bring back my babies....

None of this has stopped NME, however, of lauding the Horrors on their latest cover with the tagline ' How Britains' Best Band Finally Broke Through'... and nor did it affect their photographability: ;)

In between dashing from act to act, we kept a look out for innovative style statements. Here are a few favourites:

For the RayBan Usage. For the smiles.

For the amount they loved style. And each other.

As the night closed in and the daylight drew itself to a close, the beauty changed but stayed. It rounded off what had been a great experience, closed with a performance by Glasser, the last act on the bill.

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