Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Charity Shop Shoot Presents: Atmospheric SuperNature

Here are the finished results of our project. Thanks JO, our photographer who translated her quality and imagination into the shots she produced. Additionally to Barnardos, Save the Children, Wollaton Park as well as the other countless charity shops of Nottingham which provided the initial inspiration. Weyyyyy.

Shoot Stylist: me (Kat Rutherford)
Photographer Jo Lambadjeva.

Some kind of spring soldier, 50 feet tall and so naive.

Scarf- £2.00, Barnardos. Mens' Gilet, £3.00 Save the Children.

Dress: Stylists' Own.

To relax here is easy, as there are no worries or pains.

What could I possibly give to you here, that you couldn't just take for yourself?

Starting to show the supernature...

Like little Red Riding Hood in reverse.

A rebirth from the crysallis

like some bejewelled dragonfly

working magic no one sees in the forest's murk.

Running through the Trees: Dress, £4.00, Barnardos. 

Boots: Stylists' Own (originally £10.00 from Primark).

Finally, with Autumnal undertones,

the mantle hardens and flighty Summer colours are shed

to make a stiff, taught shield against the coldness

both inside and out.

Cardigan, £3.00, Save the Children.

We're still all animals.

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