Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Louis Vuitton Core Values Campaign- Angelina Jolie makes her mark

This breathtaking ad is the latest in a long-running series by luxury goods firm Louis Vuitton. 
Featuring the otherworldly Angelina Jolie, the campaign asks it's chosen subjects to choose a place, object or situation which has changed them as people, and tells the story of these examples through images, conveniently featuring strategically placed Vuitton products in tasteful view.

In Jolie's case this is Cambodia. Chosen for it's effect on the photograph's subject, Cambodia has been cited as a lace of magical transformation for Jolie, something which is evoked in the imagery of renound photographer Annie Leibovitz, shown through the dynamic richness of the shots.

Louis Vuitton aims to justify the connection it makes between the celebritys' meaningful journeys and their products by highlighting the role that their baggage has played in travellers' journeys for 150 years. An undeniable hold-all for any luxury-conscious wayfarers' travelling posessions, Vuitton aims to show the importance it's product has had and continues to have in the travelling world. 

Amongst others featured in the campaign we see the footballing legends, Maradonna, Zidance and Pele, as well as Sean Connery. 

A mark of true quality in my eyes- the thoughtfully chosen subjects, reflect that same property evident in the bags- they only seem to get better with age.

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